Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog Button for Everyone!

So...I'm struggling with Blogger. 

I created a gadget with a cute Blog Button, which I would like to be able to share with friends and readers. 

Unfortunately, Blogger will not save the HTML code for the button in the text box below it. No matter what I try. It's obvious there isn't anything wrong with the code, because the button itself works just fine. Also, if I type any non-code phrase into the text area, it saves without issue. I don't get any kind of an error message when I try to save code, it just won't save and gets automatically deleted.

What is going on? 

Maybe there's a problem with the gadget I created? 

Maybe there's something funky with the code? 

I had my programmer husband look at it last night. He couldn't find the problem either. 

C'est la vie. 

Anyway, if anyone would like a button, I have created a blog page, rather than a gadget, where you can get the code. 

And if anyone has any genius idea about what's wrong, I'm open to input! 

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