Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sunday Stash-a-holic

I did a bad thing. 

Calling all fabric-a-holics...

I need some moral support here. 

I can't stop. 

I now have 5...


....OKAY...10...ish (eek) quilt projects waiting for me. Thought of another couple this morning while getting ready. Like a true addict, I'm not even going to mention the apparel projects waiting in the wings. They don't count. They're (mostly) a totally different type of fabric, and thus should not be included in the group. Umm...yeah. 

How do I stop?

I need to sit down and WORK on these projects before brainstorming and buying the material (literally) for more. 

Here are my latest acquisitions, judge at your leisure: 

A very thoughtful friend gave me a gift card to Jo-Ann's. I had to use it! This is from "Rosette" by Juliana Horner, daughter of well-loved designer Anna Maria of course! I love the other fabrics in the line, but this one made my heart go pitter-pat. It is also luxuriously soft and smooth (meaning that since it's quilting cotton it will probably wrinkle like the dickens!)

I'm thinking this dress (McCall's 6833 version D) for a lovely, fall-inspired frock. 

I have been eyeing Rosette fabric for a while, but couldn't stomach the $12.99/yd price tag. Yikes! Well, in true Jo-Ann's fashion - a pattern sale, several coupons and a gift card later - the total out-of-pocket cost for this dress (including zipper, brown lining fabric, interfacing, thread, and pattern) will probably be ~$5. 

Ha! Take that addiction! 

I also made a dangerous stop at one of my fave local quilt shops (LQS in future) and picked up some goodies. 

Has anyone else been in love with Technicolor since it was released? I have been web-stalking these beauties for a while now. Low and behold, my LQS had some hand-cut charm packs for only $6.00/ea, BUT they were having a 15% off all fabric sale to celebrate Halloween! They were only $5.10/ea. Hecks-to-the-yeah! 

I'm thinking of designing a HST (half-square triangle) lap quilt in the near future with possible step-by-step tutorial if anyone is interested. :) 

Last, but not least, I think I have a new favorite color. 

Kona Storm. 

It's the perfect deep navy blue. This picture does not do it justice. 

I originally went looking for solid navy fabric to accompany my 2-for-1 Improv quilt (again, sorry...coming soon). It will be made of Modern Meadow, similar to my Yellow Brick Road quilt. I tried matching it up with Kona Navy, but it was weirdly too green. 

Then I found Kona Storm. 

I think it will also be the perfect neutral to accompany Technicolor. Don't you?

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  1. Oh these are all great deals! Nothing to be ashamed of here. ;)

  2. Love that Rosette! I also picked some up recently, in the teal colorway! So pretty!

  3. The Kona Storm looks great, I love good buys and so wish I had a fav LQS.

  4. That rosette print will make one awesome dress! I look forward to seeing it. Those charms squares were such a great deal! Nice haul.
    I love your stash of M&Ms too. Gotta keep up your energy, right?

  5. I love Technicolor fabric - those hexagons are my favorite :-) As soon as the fat quarter bundle was realized I purchased the whole line. Thanks for linking up


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