Thursday, October 24, 2013


Sorry guys. Yesterday got away from me, but I was visited by some very dear friends so it was worth it!

The way this week has gone, I actually could have done more of a "Wednesday Stash" and "WIP Sunday" post, but that would just be crazy!

Things I learned this week:  
Measure and choose pattern size by bust and waist - but more by bust. Most of the time, you will need to size down from the measurements on the back of the pattern. 

After measuring the pattern pieces and myself many times before cutting, I was sure I needed a smaller size. The bust was measuring at a size 8, if not a 6. The waist, however, was measuring more like a 10.      

I know...sad. That's just how I'm shaped. 

I knew cutting a bigger bodice size to accommodate my waist measurements would end up with a bodice like a potato sack. So...I cut the bodice at an 8, the waist at a 10, and hoped to be able to ease them together without it getting too wonky. 

And then there was this....

First off, the chair I draped it over makes it look like it's been shaped to fit a very square linebacker. It looked a little better on, but not much. Maybe someday (if I end up liking apparel sewing) I'll win the dress-form lottery. 

But do you see that awful bunching at the bottom? Do you??


I had to rip it all out. It was just too terrible.  

I then set to work re-cutting the waist pieces to a size 8. A mere 1/4 inch off the ends of the pieces...but that results in sizing the waist down a entire inch. 

It looks better, but there's still something a little weird about the front when I try it on. Hopefully my instructor can help me figure it out at class tonight. 

I'm thinking it might be because the pattern calls for gathering, which is resulting in strange and bulky bunching. Perhaps pleating would be better?

**Just a point of reference, this is only the second article of clothing I have EVER sewn. The last was a very simple skirt, so I have never sewn anything with a bodice or sleeves. I'm pretty proud of my sleeves. They are not perfect by any means, but I was super scared of them. Turns out they were way easier than I thought, and I don't think they look half bad! 

Also, I (mostly) finished my Yellow Brick Road quilt top. We are working on the borders in class next Monday, so I'm all caught up! 

I managed to finish binding the Cameo quilt! All that's left is the applique, and then it's finally headed to it's intended owner. :)  

Sorry, no pics just yet. I'll post some after I know it has been received. 

The only thing I didn't get to was my 2-for-1 Improv quilt top. (Another sorry here). It should come together quickly, as soon as I get a minute to work on it. 

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  1. You are a braver woman than me tackling apparel! Keep it up and you'll get it.


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