Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had big plans this Thanksgiving weekend for lots of family time and lots of sewing. 

So far, I've put off most of the sewing to spend time with my wonderful family. 

We had my sisters, my mom, Brian's dad and step-mom, and Brian's brother over for dinner. 

I don't regret the lost sewing time for a second. 

We're kind of a silly bunch. 

I apparently missed the memo about looking nice for company. I also missed the purple vibe. Don't both my sisters look awesome?! I'm digging their color choices. I may have to mix some purple into my sewing in the near future. 

This was probably my favorite part of the weekend: 

Glad to see my old guitar loved and played regularly by my sister. Isn't she cute? Also - her voice is great and kinda folksy. I love it. 

Another favorite - hanging out watching movies and writing letters to my sister who couldn't be with us this year since she's away on her mission. 

My mom's dog - Zoey - is funny. She makes strange faces when you pet her. 

She also loves blankets. Which is funny to me, because Sadie is terrified of them. 

Everyone left today and now my house feels really empty and really quiet. 

I miss them already!


  1. I miss it too. I love you whit! :) thanks for sharing a wonderful week with us.

  2. Looks like so much fun -- your house looks beautiful.


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