Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lighthouse Practice Block

Ever since Faith over at Fresh Lemons Quilts mentioned a new Quilt-A-Long (QAL) a few weeks ago, I was sold. 

Fresh Lemons Quilts Lighthouse Quilt Along

The pattern is fun, fresh, and super versatile. 

Lighthouse Quilt by Fresh Lemons Quilts : Faith

Look how cute it is as a rainbow baby quilt! 

As a beginning quilter, I think this quilt will be a great opportunity to learn foundation paper piecing. 

Last week Faith made a coloring template to play with block/color designs. 

I had fun trying different things. 

This week is about making a test block. 

I just used some scraps left over from my Cameo and Yellow Brick Road quilts. I am hoping to be able to post the finished product on both quilts later this week! I  bet you feel like my progress has been super slow...because I know I do...

Anyway - paper piecing is pretty easy! At least this pattern. Faith's directions are super clear. I had NO problems with the paper piecing part at all. 

Here's my finished block - along with all the fun fabric and paper trimmings. :) 

Ta Da!! What do you think? 

I'm glad I made a practice block. Things got a big wonky in the center. I think it's because of all the bulk from the seam allowances meeting up in the center. Faith didn't really provide any pressing directions for the seams, so I just pressed them all to one side. Next time, I think I'll press them open, so that things line up better and lay flatter. 

That's easily the most complicated (looking) block I've ever made. For sure the first time working with bias edges and such small pieces. The block is supposed to finish at 8.5 inches. I used a scant 1/4-inch seam for all seams, and my block finished just a hair over 8.5 inches - just enough to trim it down and make everything nice and square. 

Pretty good for a newbie, I think.  

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. It's going to be wonderful! I love the green fabric you are using. What kind is it?

    1. Thanks Michele! It's from a group of blenders by Robert Kaufman, called Quilter's Linen Print (I think the exact color is chartreuse). It comes in many different colors and shades. I bought this bit at a local quilt shop, but I bet you can also find it online.

  2. What a great start. This is going to be a great finish...and thanks for the QAL link. I may just have to sign up.

  3. Looks awesome Whitney!! Love seeing you get into quilting! I love my quilting time. :) I usually press blocks open when there are a bunch of seams coming together (say at the center of a block), otherwise to the side is nice b/c you can lock your seams. This blocks is awesome in these colors, BTW.

  4. Gorgeous! Paper piecing can be really tricky. I tend to use my seam ripper more for PP than any other time! Definitely try pressing open. But honestly, in an actual quilt that misalignment would disappear. It's always my policy to continually try to improve but never obsess about 1/8th inch.


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