Monday, November 4, 2013

Zombie Sewing and a Craftsy Class Review

Oh friends. 

I am SO tired right now. 

Remember last week when I mentioned working 8 days in a row? That totaled to 86 hours at work last Friday thru Friday. Ughh.

Which also got me behind for my quilting class. I stayed up until 5 am Sunday night finishing my borders and spray/pin basting to get ready for class Monday morning. 

Class went well, but now I feel like the walking dead. 

Man I love that show! 

Just finished watching Season 3 on Netflix last weekend. Did anyone else think "The Governor" was WAY creeper than the zombies by the end of the season? I know I did. 


On to happier, quiltier things...

Brian bought a new/used Nikon dSLR on Amazon just recently. So excited to be able to work on my photography skills and put my ancient point-and-shoot away. Expect the quality of my photos to get better. If I can pry the fancy camera from Brian's fingers for a few minutes, that is. 

I'm thinking I'd LOVE to take this Craftsy class sometime soon. Maybe if it goes on sale closer to the holidays.  

I've taken a few other Craftsy classes recently. Here are a couple of my faves: 

Craftsy Block of the Month with Amy Gibson  

It's a great class for beginners, with clear, simple instructions and TONS of skill-building blocks. P.S. It's FREE! 

I'm enrolled in the 2013 BOM class as well, but the instructor is harder to watch and I don't like the blocks as much. 

Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple with Camille Roskelley

Another great beginner class, and a great deal if you can get it on sale. I just LOVE her patterns, and it's so nice to have a step-by-step through each quilt. 
Just a hint - I tried her cutting method. As a beginner, I thought it made sense and gave me more confidence with my rotary cutter. However, I recently discovered that using the mat to measure the way she does is more time-consuming, error-prone, and yields inaccurate results. I have made MANY fewer mistakes since using the ruler instead of the mat. 

I know, rookie mistake as a beginning quilter, but this is something I just changed in the last month. My cutting skills are getting better as time goes on.  

I bought Camille's second class as soon as it came out, because I loved the first so much. 

This class was good too. She squished more information into a shorter time with some advanced techniques. As a beginner, however, I would recommend her first class over her second. 

The fusible applique techniques and the piecing instructions for the Juggle quilt were particularly helpful for me. I've had the pattern and supplies for Juggle sitting on the shelf for a while, but I've been too chicken to try tackling those hexagons just yet. 

I have my eye on a couple of other classes down the road. Perhaps this one. Or this one

Like fabric collecting, I have been collecting and taking Craftsy classes without actually doing much with them. I've promised myself I have to actually make some of the projects before buying more classes. We'll see how that goes. 

*I have not received money or sponsorship for this post. These are personal opinions for things I have tried on my own. I added the links for the classes, in case anyone is interested in taking a look.* 

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