Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Christmas Meltdown

I had a Christmas meltdown this week. 

What is a Christmas meltdown you ask? 

Well, it’s when you haven’t had any new or cute Christmas stuff in over 5 years, everything you have is crappy, dollar store quality, purchased during a time in college when you were desperate for holiday cheer - and you absolutely HATE all of it.

Seriously, I hate it all. Every bit. 

Especially this felt monstrosity: 


Sooo, I decided to sew a new tree skirt. 

I've had these fabrics around, waiting for just the right project. 

Essex Linen in natural, some apparel lace I bought on a whim from Etsy, and a red sheet I've had for a while. 

You can kind of see in this picture that the lace has a bit of shine with silver metallic thread in some of the flowers.  

These will make the points on large Ohio star blocks. 

I also bought some new decor. I just finished setting up the tree today (pics to come). I know, pushing it kinda close. This meltdown happened a couple weeks later than would have been ideal. 

Sadie enjoyed the obstacle course created by the decor boxes and mess while I was working on decorating. 

Sorry about the eye glare - still learning. 

Silly puppy.

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