Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lackluster Progress

I don't want to sew. 

I'd like to..and I have no shortage of projects to work on...but then I try to sit down to work on something (anything) and I just...


I think it's my walking foot. Not getting the association?

Let me explain. 

I have been using the walking foot that came with my Brother CS6000i. I absolutely adore my machine (except for the fact that the throat space inside the arm becomes a VERY tight squeeze with larger quilts). The walking foot seems pretty cheap, however.  

It worked like magic for the first 2.5 quilts it quilted. Then it began squeaking and creaking, getting stuck, occasionally skipping stitches, and causing my machine to sometimes thud in a rather frightening manner. I took it in to a local Brother dealer, hoping there was some sort of magic fix. They oiled and greased it for me. And then let me know that it was cheaply made. Apparently the swing arm that attaches to the needle screw is crap. 

It is a sort of loose metal-on-metal situation that rubs and sticks and is causing metal shavings inside the foot. 

The oil and grease helped for a little while, but I'm pretty sure I need a new walking foot before long. Like, before my next major quilting project. Especially since I only know how to straight line quilt at this point (motivation to practice/learn some free motion quilting?). 

I have been strongly advised by my husband that buying myself a new walking foot before Christmas would be a mistake. Hint, hint.

And so, I just can't make myself sew. 

Any suggestions on a reliable walking foot that will last longer than 2.5 quilts? 


  1. Oh that stinks! It sounds like your dealer wasn't very helpful. :/ Can you work on some piecing in the meantime?

    1. I know, right?! That's my plan. I have a couple projects I've been meaning to start working on anyway...


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