Monday, January 27, 2014

Late Sunday Stash

I'm a little late to the party this week, but my weekend was SO worth it. 

We traveled to Idaho for a much-needed visit with family. I have to say, I was seriously hoping for some time out of the winter inversion

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To my dismay, we encountered inversion almost all the way from Burley to Boise - although the inversion in Boise seems more gray than brown and sits a little higher above the city than the smog here. It was also still bitterly cold. 

Ah well. The bright, cheerful faces of our loved ones more than made up for the lack of sunshine!! 

This stash post is a catch-up from some purchases made during end-of-the-year sales. The Etsy shop at LimaSews was having some pretty great deals. 

Here's what I picked up. 

From left to right: 
- Camp Modern - Flight (Mahogany)  An organic cotton with a slightly heavier weight. It is the most lovely, saturated eggplanty-red color. I love it!
- Pearl Bracelet - HiHo Silver
- Color Me Retro - Dulcette Lobelia

- Chicopee - Shirt Stripe (Red)
- Koi - Smile and Wave (Water)
- Bungalow - Hive (Maize)

- Poetica - Rhythmic Gray
- 2wenty Thr3e - Cameras (Pavement) 

More organic cotton: 
- EIKO - Birds and Blossoms (Dark)
- EIKO - Playing Koi (Dark) 
            Both had appeared more blue online - in person they are much more gray. 

I had originally purchased these to use in my Barn Door quilt - but (one of the dangers of fabric shopping online) they didn't all match together very well when they arrived. I decided to make them some of my first stash collection that hasn't been already designed into a project. 

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  1. Nice ones! Gotta love a good sale. :) They get me every time.

  2. I'm liking that EIKO fabric, pretty.

    1. Thanks Mara! I think they make great stash builders.

  3. Oh man, I can never leave a good sale alone! Looks like you picked up some amazing pieces. I've never seen the EIKO before and I really like the playing koi one especially!

  4. Thanks Michelle! EIKO has some really interesting prints. I got mine here:


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