Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sunday Stash #4

So my beautiful, amazing sister-in-law is at minimum 10x the quilter and seamstress that I am...bare minimum. 

I have known for a while that she works at a local quilting/sewing store in Idaho Falls. I didn't know, until recently, that said "local quilting/sewing store" was The Ribbon Retreat. I also didn't realize it has such a great online shop!

I happened across a link in another sewing blog, and then remembered the name from my SIL. After checking out their website, I realized they have so much great stuff - particularly some precuts of older, harder to find fabric lines. Also, my particular favorite, these cute fat quarter bundles called "Little Fatties."  These little bundles turned out to be the perfect way to add a few pieces of my favorite fabric lines to my stash, without breaking my budget. They also offer something most online fabric shops won't - the ability to buy single fat quarters of any fabric at a reasonable price.  

(100% my own opinion, without sponsorship.

They have weekly deals and sales. Here's what I picked up during a sale a couple weeks ago:

These "Little Fatties" bundles are by far my favorites. They're just so cute! 

I grabbed some Sunnyside: 


and Scrumptious:

All pretty great stash builders to add to my collection, or to use in a project together, combined with other stash fabrics to make it unique. 

PB&J Layer Cake:

I have been coveting PB&J for a while, but it was just enough before my quilting days as to be generally unavailable. I was quick to grab this up - I may go back for a bit of yardage for binding or something, depending on what project this ends up in. 

Some FQs on clearance: 

- 2 Simply Color prints in eggplant
- More Blythe
- Indie Chic (I think this one only cost me $1.50!)

A couple charm packs of Marmalade:

Bonnie & Camille are probably my favorite fabric designers!! Again - Marmalade was a bit before my time, and I have been coveting it since we were first introduced in one of Camille's Craftsy classes. SO excited to have some to work with!! 

The cutest thing about this purchase - I left a little note at checkout for my SIL just saying "Hi!" When my package arrived, there was a little handwritten note from her on my receipt. 

Happy Sewing!! :)

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  1. That is a lovely bunch of goodies there!

  2. Some great buys and fabrics choices! Those Little Fatties looks like great little bundles.

  3. Wonderful haul! Very pretty fabrics.

  4. I love the thought of little fatties! I will definitely check the store out! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Happy to share - glad you like them too!

  5. Wow, lots of yummy fabrics! How neat to have gotten a handwritten note... that's a great SIL! Have fun with those pretties!

    1. Thanks Christine! I know, that little note totally made my day!

  6. Beautiful fabrics! Thank you for introducing me to another fabric source, can't say my hubby will be as pleased as I am!

    1. Thank you RobinSue - ha that rhymes! (I think I've seen Princess Bride a few too many times...forgive me.) Your hubby and mine could probably commiserate with each other for a while about that. lol.

  7. Little fatties is such a great name. You picked out some great ones! There's a lot of fabric I love from before I started quilting and it is so fun to find it!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I was so excited to snatch up those discontinued fabrics! If you'd been in the room with me when I found them, you might think I have a problem. My husband sure does. ;)


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