Friday, March 6, 2015

February Bee Blocks

I'm a touch late on posting this....just like I was a touch late on getting my February blocks in the mail. 


February was a CRAZY month at work. Between RSV season and the influenza vaccine being less effective than usual, well...the hospital was busier than it has maybe ever been. 

But my blocks are getting there, and I learned a lot! 

FYI - these pics are a bit over-exposed. The colors are more saturated and lovely in person. One of these days I'm going to get my husband to teach me some editing tricks so I can fix things like that. Or teach me how to really use the camera in the first place...either would be great. :) 

Quilty Fun Birthday Cake block for Beejeebers: 

These blocks were actually quite a challenge for me. With a fabric cut list of different sizes marked with letters A-W...well, it took me almost an entire day to complete these two. They are not perfect, but they came out to the right size at the end (victory!) and I am quite happy with my fabric choices! LOVE when it works out the way you imagine. 

Churn Dash blocks for do. Good Stitches - Aspire circle: 

These were super fast, and super fun!! I think I can officially call myself a quilter, now that I've made a few classic churn dash blocks. Toni asked for "spicy" colors, which was bit of a challenge for me. I fretted and fussed and switched fabrics around, and at the very last minute decided on these. I LOVE them!! The coral and yellow block is my favorite! 

Kaliedoscope Paper Pieced blocks for We Bee Learning: 

I just finished Elizabeth Dackson's paper piecing class on Craftsy, which proved invaluable for helping me figure out these blocks. The tip to baste important points on the blocks before actually stitching really helped in getting the centers to line up almost perfectly! 

So far, I'm really enjoying being a part of each of these groups! 


  1. Love that you are exploring quilting via bees!! I have loved participating in these bees. I am even more excited that you get to work with both Toni (in dGS) and my mom, Celeste (in Beejeebers)!!

  2. Thanks Meesh! I love it too! The only thing better than work with those two amazing ladies, would be getting to work with YOU!! ;)


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