Friday, April 10, 2015

March Bee Blocks

Finally getting around to posting my March bee blocks. These were finished and shipped a bit ago, so I'm not as far behind as it may appear...

do. Good Stitches - Aspire Circle: Garden Gate block

This is a 20.5" square block using this tutorial. FYI - everyone in our group had a bit of trouble with this block. The cut sizes listed in her tutorial are too small, and we all struggled getting this block to come out the correct size. 

We Bee Learning: Ribbon Star blocks

These were fun and fairly easy. I enjoyed choosing pretty spring colors for this block. Tutorial located here

Beejeebers: Red and White blocks

We were given free reign to make any block we like using classic red and white. The block on the left is called Antique Tile, tutorial here. The block on the left is a flying geese block, I used one of my favorite patterns from the Modern Building Blocks pattern cards. The small block on the bottom is an improv extra I made using the triangle cut offs from the flying geese block. 

  (P.S. I struggled getting this picture to look less super bright, so I adjusted the camera settings. It turned out a bit purple-y, but in reality they are very classic red in tone).