Monday, June 8, 2015

Aztec Quilt Block Tutorial

I posted a progress pic of my Aztec quilt on IG and Flickr recently, and had a couple requests for a tutorial of the block. I hope to post some great pictures of the finished quilt soon, but it's not quite there yet.

For now, here is the tutorial (sorry for the terrible was a tad dark when I threw this this together). 

This block is really amazingly fast and easy! I whipped up 16 of them in just a few hours one weekend...though I didn't manage to accomplish much else. Ha! 

These instructions are for one 15" x 18" finished block (15.5" x 18.5" unfinished). 

- 2 - 10" squares center fabric
- 2 - 10" squares background fabric

This would be perfect for layer cake squares - which is actually why I went with these beginning measurements. 

However, I cut my squares from a bundle of (much loved and hoarded) fat quarters. If using FQs - you will need 2 per block (one center fabric and one background - cut into the above measurements). 

Sewing (all seam allowances are 1/4" except where noted): 

Layer 2 squares - one background, one center fabric. Draw a line from corner to corner on the lighter fabric. Sew on either side of the line with a scant 1/4" seam allowance (you will need this to be slightly scant to allow for trimming). Cut apart along drawn line. 

Press to the dark to create one HST unit. 

Repeat above to create 4 total HST units. 

Trim all 4 HST units to 9.5" square - using the diagonal seam as a guide. 

Layer 2 HST right sides together, matching opposing colors and nesting diagonal seams. 

Cut in half at 4-3/4".

Hint: I think these cut most accurately when placed with the seam allowance facing you - so you are cutting against the seam, forcing them to nest together. 

Cut each half in half again at 2-3/8". 

Rearrange strips to create the layout of first half of the Aztec block. 

Repeat the above steps with another 2 HST to create the other half. 

Sew strips together, into 4 quadrants. Press seams open. 

Sew quadrants together into 2 rows, carefully matching points at the end (I like to do this by holding my fabrics together with my fingers right at the seam allowance, pulling the seam allowance apart, taking a look to see that the diagonal matches up, then pinning at that point...sorry I didn't take a pic of this). Press open. 

Only one seam left!

Begin pinning together - matching and pinning all intersecting seams. Also be sure to match the points that meet on the first and last strips. 

I stick a pin through the top fabric at the point of the diagonal in the seam allowance: 

Then stick the pin through the front of the point in the fabric behind: 

Wiggle the pin until it stands straight, then pin it back through both fabrics. 

Sew with a 1/4" seam, being sure to sew right at the point of the pinned diagonal. 

This is one of those points where I would leave the pin, and sew over it slowly and carefully. I know this is traditionally wrong...scold me if you like...but this has helped me achieve more accurate points on all of my projects. 

Press open from the back and the front - and stand back to admire your work! ( favorite part!!

This block is one of my favorites from my Tule Aztec quilt. Doesn't it remind you of summertime and strawberry lemonade! So refreshing!! 

P.S. I have also seen this block referred to as "Delectable Mountains" or "Mountain Majesties" in case you are doing some Google searching for inspiration or other methods/tutorials for different sized blocks. 


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for posting this. For some reason, the ones you posted looked square to me... Lovin' this!

  2. Love this! Thanks so much!


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