Monday, July 27, 2015

May and June Bee Blocks - Playing Catch-Up

I've been sewing some, working a lot (90 hours last week!!), and blogging very little. When time runs short, documenting projects online is last on the list. 

But, I thought you might like to see what I've been working on! 

**Fair warning - for those who follow on Instagram and Flickr - you've probably seen the projects that will occupy the next few posts before.**

This post will focus on Bee (group quilting) blocks.

May - Beejeebers - Scrappy Rainbow Star 

The tutorial can be found on Melissa's blog - here. This was a super fun, scrap-eating block. I hope to see progress of the quilt made from these blocks soon, because I think it is going to look awesome! 

May - dGS Aspire Circle - Granny Squares 

Karri asked for sherbet-colored granny square blocks. This is the second time I've made these blocks this year, and I absolutely adore them!!! They are quick and always look fantastic. I think I need to make an entire quilt one of these days. We used this tutorial - which is great for using up scraps (we did size the block up by cutting squares at 3"). I've also seen a tutorial for using jelly roll strips, which looks like it would come together a little quicker. 

June - Beejeebers - X and Plus 

This block is fast and fun! We used this tutorial. I've seen quilts and projects made from these blocks since I started quilting - and they always look amazing. I was surprised how small the blocks turn out - only 8" unfinished. Cute and little. :) 

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